Production of steel hose assemblies

Having three welding workshops in Poland, we can provide steel hose welding and pressure testing services.

Within the scope of our welding competencies Tubes International Sp. z o.o. was granted the following certificates:

  • EU Certificate of Conformity issued by Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) to confirm compliance with the requirements of Directive 2014/68/EU module A2 in terms of production of pressure equipment

  • Certificate confirming compliance with DNV requirements, issued by DNV GL

  • Certificate confirming compliance with the requirement of PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007 standard, issued by Transportation TechnicalSupervision
Produkcja przewodów stalowych

Metal hose assemblies in 24h

Choose fast production but always made to the highest standards.

Jakość materiału i konstrukcji

Quality of material and construction

All threaded fittings intended for steel hoses are designed and then machined by Tubes International. This production process guarantees consistent quality of materials and construction. Our lot tracking system allows to keep track of all fittings so we know exactly what material the fittings are made of.

Międzynarodowe kompetencje

International competencies

Our welding engineers with IWE certificates of competence (International Welding Engineer) are responsible for welding process technology.
Quality Control personnel with their NDT certificates of competence perform the inspection and testing of welded connections. That is why our hose assemblies are the best you get on the market.

Lider w branży

Industry leader

We are pioneers in our field. We were the first to introduce welding quality system for hose assemblies according to EN 3834:2. Our welding workshop is approved by such notified bodies as: DNV-GL, TDT, UDT.

Stały rozwój i wdrażanie nowych technologii

Constant development and introducing new technologies

Orbital welding used for the production of metal hose assemblies is the next important step to reach the highest production standards.

Production in 24H

Production in 24 h comprises metal hose assemblies of diameters up to 2” with the following fittings:

Gwint stożkowy BSPT - typ AF1

BSPT cone thread – type AF1

Gwint BSP, stożek 60° - typ AF2

BSP thread, 60°cone – type AF2

90° Gwint BSP, stożek 60° - typ AF5

90° BSP thread, 60° cone – type AF5

Gwint BSP - typ AF7

BSP thread – type AF7

Gwint BSP, uszczelnienie płaskie - typ AF14

BSP thread, flat seal – type AF14

Końcówka rurowa - typ AF9 i AF10

Pipe fitting – type AF9 i AF10

Kołnierz stały - typ AF3

Fixed flange – type AF3

Kołnierz obrotowy - typ AF4

Swivel flange – type AF4

Production in 24h concerns simple metal hose assemblies. We produce customized metal hose assemblies as well (then production time is longer than 24h).

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