Production of ultra high pressure (UHP) hose assemblies up to 4000 bar

We offer UHP assembly services from our in-house workshop, where we produce complete flexible hose assemblies (hoses with fittings) with a working pressure up to 4000 bar. The production is performed by certified personnel, from tightly controlled materials. All hose assemblies are pressure tested before they are delivered to the customer.


  • pipeline and heat exchanger cleaning

  • surface cleaning and preparation, paint removal

  • concrete hydrodemolition

  • waterjet cutting of steel and other materials

  • hydroforming

  • hydraulic bolt tensioning

  • hydrostatic pressure testing stations

  • hydraulic rescue tools

UHP hoses

Production capabilities:

Working pressureup to 4000 bar
Burst pressurefrom 8000 bar
Inner diameter4,5 mm
Outer diameter15,3 mm
Minimum bending radius250 mm

We use Spir Star® hoses to produce hose assemblies up to 4000 bar.

hose Spir Star up to 4000 bar

Hose construction and marking

Example: 5/4 HT (code: SS-HT-05-4HT)

Hose construction Spir Star

Hose inner diameter DN 5 [mm]
Number of main braids (4)

DC1 – PA/PUR double outer layer
H – reinforced version, higher working pressure
HT – for operation at high temperature, high chemical resistance
K – additional braid in outer layer
M – for methanol service, inner layer made of PA11
OK – additional stainless steel outer braid
PPA – PVDF inner layer, polyamide outer layer
R – reinforced thicker outer layer
W – two additional layers of special spiral wire
WL – increased flexibility W version

Catalogue page:

hose Spir Star

UHP fittings

UHP fittings up to 4000 bar
Male thread HP 1/4"-28 UNF LH
Male thread HP 3/8"-24 UNF LH
Male thread HP 9/16"-18 UNF LH
Male thread HP M14x1,5 LH
UHP fittings up to 4000 bar
Female thread 9/16"-18 UNF M type
UHP fittings up to 4000 bar
Female thread HP 9/16"-18 UNF

Accessories for Spir Star hoses

Hose deflection limiter behind the sleeve

Bend restrictor

Polyurethane bend restrictors significantly increase operational safety and extend hose service life. They are lightweight and easy to install. Designed for ultra high pressure hoses. For hoses with lower working pressure and for other applications, use standard rubber restrictors. Selection in consultation with Tubes International.

Hose securing grip

Hose securing grip

Steel securing grip is a piece of net used to protect the operator in case of e.g. whipping of a fitting. Very easy installation, also on running systems – the hose assembly is disconnected from the system on one side for the mounting time. If the hose assembly breaks at the fitting-coupling connection or the fitting suddenly detaches, the net tightens and shrinks on the hose restraining its moves and causing to stop.

Protection hose

To protect the outer surface of the hose, an additional hose can be pulled on as a cover. Helix-reinforced plastic hose cover protects Spir Star® hoses for Waterblast applications where high friction against ground occurs. Plastic hose cover, without reinforcement, protects hoses for high-pressure hydraulics where friction is lower and it is important to maintain maximum flexibility. To have a protective hose matched with Spir Star® hose, the diameter of the Spir Star® hose ferrule after crimping must be smaller than the internal diameter of the protection hose.

Hose assembly testing

Every ultra high pressure hose we produce is tested up to 4800 bar. We issue a certificate for each ultra high pressure hose assembly, confirming that the pressure test has been carried out.
Tubes International’s machine shop is fitted with equipment, which allows for testing complete hose assemblies, repaired or modified assemblies with working pressure up to 4000 bar and 6000 bar. The use of an innovative electric drive combined with an automation system in the machine capable of performing pressure tests up to 6000 bar allows for each test stage to be specified in accordance with ISO 1402 requirements.