Foam Cleaning, Spraying and Dosing Devices

Foam cleaning devices are designed to make foam and apply it on a surface that is to be cleaned. A device consists of a container for a cleaning agent and an injector attached to a gun. The cleaning agent is dosed to the water through a dosing nozzle of a selected size. The water and cleaning agent mixed with air sucked by an injector make foam. When the process of cleaning with foam is finished, the layer of foam is rinsed down using an outlet nozzle attached to the gun.

Dosing devices are used for quick and precise dosing of a cleaning agent and filling up buckets, „mop sets”, containers and tanks of cleaning machines. If dosing devices are combined with hoses and guns, then they can be used for spraying with water solution of a cleaning agent. The agent is sucked under pressure from a container through the suction hose and a selected dosing nozzle (adjustable nozzle), which allows achieving chosen concentration (from 0,15% up to 10%) of a cleaning agent in water.
Dosing and foam cleaning devices can be used with a standard water installation.


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