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High pressure cleaning hoses

  • High pressure cleaning hoses

High pressure cleaning hoses – general information

High pressure cleaning and washing products are used in both industrial and domestic applications. Accessories in an excellent working pressure range allow finding the right solution for operating pressures as high as 500 bar.

The accessories for high-pressure cleaning include complete hose assemblies (single- and double-braid) with fittings and bend restrictors, adapters, guns, lances, foamers, nozzles and heads. Hoses designed for cleaning equipment are resistant to weather conditions and abrasion, and all high pressure cleaning products offer resistance to high pressures at temperatures reaching +160°C, ergonomic design, ease of installation and resistance to hot water with cleaning agents. Cold and hot water wash guns (up to 400 bar and +160°C), guns with a non-freezing outlet, with an outlet fitted with a quick release socket and a wide range of adaptors, nozzles with different spray angles (0°, 15°, 25° and 40°) and rotary heads are compatible with most pressure washer brands.

Working temperature:from -40 do +160°C,
Working pressure:up to 500 bar (depending on a number of braids and hose diameter)
Available hose diameter:from DN6 (6,4mm) up to DN19 (19,1mm).


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High pressure hoses for cleaning equipment

High pressure hoses for cleaning equipment

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High pressure hoses for food industry

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FAQ – High pressure cleaning hoses

How to choose the right nozzle for a wash gun?2023-02-09T11:42:05+01:00

Use the table below to select the nozzle correctly:

DØ [mm]working pressure [bar]


Follow these steps to select the right size (correct diameter of nozzle outlet):

  1. Knowing the working pressure and flow rate of your device (e.g. 18 l/min – 200 bar).
  2. In the first line of the table find the pressure 200 bar, then in the column „200” find the flow rate 17.5 (the closest to 18). Note! If the flow rate is given in other units, it must be converted to [l/min].
  3. From the spot „17.5” move leftwards to the column „D” to read the proper calibration value – 055.
How to prevent pressure washer hose failure?2023-02-08T10:01:48+01:00

The most frequent cause of damage to high pressure cleaning hoses is exceeding the minimum bend radius behind the fitting. One way to avoid or reduce the risk of this type of damage is to use bend restrictors EM-G… EM-K…. Using these protectors greatly extends the service life of hose assemblies and increases the safety of an operator.

What is the maximum operating pressure of standard cleaning accessories?2023-02-08T10:03:33+01:00

Depending on cleaning equipment, the working pressures of the accessories supplied by Tubes ranges from 200 to 350 bar. Information on working pressure is provided in the product catalogue. If in doubt, always contact Tubes International Sp. z o.o.

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