Sewer cleaning hoses and fittings

  • Sewer cleaning hoses and fittings

Sewer cleaning hoses and fittings – general information

Hoses for sewer cleaning, manufactured from various rubber compounds, polyester or polyethylene, reinforced with one or two textile braids, but we also offer hoses with other types of reinforcement (e.g. polyester braid, steel braid).

Features of sewer cleaning hoses:

  • designed for very high pressure – up to 345 bar,
  • highly flexible in low temperatures (up to -40°C),
  • lightweight,
  • external layer resistant to abrasion and weather conditions,
  • small bending radius allows using the hose on hose reels in sewer cleaning machines and trucks

The hoses in this group come in a wide range of diameters, in coils or as a complete hose assembly up to 300 meters (depending on a hose type).

We also offer fittings as well as nozzles for sewer cleaning.


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 Sewer cleaning rubber hoses

 Sewer cleaning rubber hoses

 Sewer cleaning plastic hoses

 Sewer cleaning plastic hoses

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