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Fabric expansion joints – general information

There are certain conditions, where regular rubber compensators cannot be used for various reasons e.g. extremely high temperatures reaching 1000°C, very big size or non-standard shape. In such cases a fabric compensator proves to be the best solution. Fabric compensators are designed for low-pressure installations. They are mainly used for hot and cold air, exhaust fumes and dry loose products. They perfectly compensate for thermal and mechanical displacement in different types of lines: hot air ducting, exhaust pipes of gas turbines, flue gas desulphurisation installations in power plants, pipelines and ductings transferring powder, dust as well as bulk foodstuffs.

They feature multi-layer structure. All layers of the compensator bellow, starting from inner up to the outer, are carefully selected to match the properties of a given medium. They are made of polyester fabric, aramid fibre fabric (Kevlar), fibreglass fabric, ceramic fibre and fabrics impregnated with EPDM rubber, Hypalon (CSM), silicone, Viton, PTFE films or membranes, thermal insulation layers, etc. Asbestos-free. They can be formed to any shape or size. The bellows are formed into straight and smooth or corrugated sleeves, with diameter reduction, assembled with flanges to form straight or corrugated compensators, etc. They may be designed to include inner or outer metal supporting frames to resist pressure and maintain their shape, with flow liners to guide the stream inside the compensator, recommended for high flow rates, for abrasive products or dust, in order to reduce impurities build-up on the bellow walls. The fabric compensators are mounted to the fixed hose assemblies of an installation using worm-drive clamps, bands or collars (the material of the compensator bellow is folded over to make a collar). They are designed and manufactured to order, according to customer specification.

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