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PTFE expansion joints – general information

PTFE compensators are the best option for each application that requires high resistance to chemicals and temperature, ease of cleaning and long service life. They compensate for thermal deformation, mounting stress and vibrations. Widely used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. Working pressure up to 16 bar, high resistance to vacuum, working temperature up to 235°C. Nominal diameter range: from DN25 to DN600.

The compensator is made of a bellow formed into corrugations from laminated PTFE pipe. Such structure ensures minimum porosity, low gas permeability and homogeneous structure of the compensator wall. To prevent static charges build-up, they can be supplied in an anti-static PTFE version. Outer, metal rings reinforce and stabilize the compensator bellow. The reinforcing rings are made of stainless steel ( optionally Monel 400, Hastelloy C4). DIN or ASA connection flanges are made of ductile cast iron with protective covering, stainless or carbon steel. The compensators are equipped with tie rods in polyethylene sleeves.

The compensators with internal PTFE sleeve to guide the fluid flow, internal PTFE vacuum support rings, special compensators with double-layer bellow with a draining system to enhance security of operation are available to order.

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