Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber compensators are widely applied in a variety of industrial pipelines, in power plants, in heating networks (heat transfer stations) and sanitary installations (sewage treatment plants and pumping stations, water treatment stations and machines). Basically, they are mounted near components that produce vibrations (pumps, engines, turbines, compressors etc.). They absorb different movements: axial, lateral and angular that result from thermal expansion of the pipelines or misalignment. They dampen vibration and noise and absorb the energy of pressure variations.

Made of rubber bellow reinforced with synthetic or steel cord and elements that allow connection to the pipeline (usually steel flanges). The compensators are classified according to the bellow material into several types:

  • compensators made of EPDM, CR, IIR rubber are designed for cold and hot water (industrial water, seawater, potable water), acids, bases and other slightly aggressive chemicals. They are not suitable for oils, fats and hydrocarbons;
  • anti-vibration EPDM connectors with threaded connections for water installations;
  • compensators made of NBR or HNBR rubber designed for oils, substances with fat content, petroleum products, some hydrocarbons, natural gas;
  • compensators made of white NBR rubber intended for foodstuffs, containing fats and oils, or for alcohol;
  • compensators made of conductive NBR rubber for LPG (butane/propane);
  • compensators made of CSM rubber for chemical substances and natural gas;
  • compensators made of FPM fluoro rubber (Viton) for chemicals and hot petroleum products;
  • compensators made of NR/BR (natural rubber / butadiene rubber) for highly abrasive substances conveyed as water slurry, sludge, slime but also as dust or powder. They are not intended for oils, fats and hydrocarbons;

Working pressure up to 25 bar, working temperature from -40°C to 150°C depending on material and medium. Nominal diameter range from DN15 to DN1000. Most of compensators is fitted with swivel flanges put on the fold of the bellow. Some compensators are fitted with fixed flanges, threaded connections or other connections mounted with worm drive clamps. Flange material: zinc-plated steel, stainless steel and acid-resistant steel, aluminium. Flanges PN 10/16, PN25, ANSI 150 lb. and other. Accessories: inner PTFE liner, tie rods, vacuum supporting ring or spring, thermal protective cover.

There are numerous parameters that must be considered during the selection stage: type of medium, pressure and temperature, required mechanical properties of the compensator: allowable axial and lateral movement and angular deflection. For proper selection, please contact Tubes International.

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