Hose Crimping Machines

Lillbacka Powerco Oy was established in 1969 in Finland. First models of crimping machines launched in the early seventies turned out to be a great success. The crimping machines under the brand name of Finn-Power are sold around the world. Generally, all leading producers of high pressure hose assemblies and industrial hose assemblies rely on hydraulic crimping machines and Finn-Power is the natural choice. But apart from those applications, the crimping machines are also used  in such fields as: car parts production, construction equipment, heavy machinery, railway engineering, shipbuilding, transmission of electricity, pipes, wire and electric cables production.

TUBES INTERNATIONAL is the sole authorised representative of Finn Power crimping machines in Poland. The competent personnel will assist you with advice on machine selection, provide training but also very effective warranty and post-warranty service.

The offering of Finn-Power crimping machines is really exhaustive: from the smallest, simple, workshop crimpers, to fully automatic production lines for the automotive industry. All kinds of flexible pressure hoses can be crimped with these machines, including: hydraulic rubber hoses, thermoplastic, PTFE or low pressure hoses with textile reinforcement.

Construction and operation principle

All Finn-Power hose crimping machines are hydraulic. The hydraulic oil pressure in the system feeds the piston, which causes 8 main dies of the machine to clench. Replaceable, working dies are fitted on the main dies. They are selected according to the diameter of the crimped hose. Hydraulic pumps are electrically driven, smaller workshop models are hand operated or driven by compressed air. The crimping machines fitted on service cars are battery powered.

Crimping machine control

A standard parameter for all crimping operations is a final fitting diameter. The crimping machine stops when the pre-set crimp diameter is achieved (simple manual crimpers have  indicators to signal that the desired diameter is achieved – then the crimping operation must stop). The electrically driven crimping machines can be optionally equipped with a pressure control system (crimping machine stops when the pre-set system pressure is reached).

Criteria for hydraulic crimping machine selection

  • Size (internal diameter) of produced hose assemblies.
  • Type of hose assemblies (1 or 2 braids, multi-braid).
  • Production volume, e.g. 500 pcs. / week.
  • Homogeneity of production batches – will there be large series of same hose assemblies.
  • Financial resources.

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