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Permanent marking of flexible hose assemblies allows its identification and is essential according to many standards connected with flexible hoses. Marking of hydraulic flexible hoses has to include e.g. the name of producer, maximum working pressure, year and month of production. If a customer needs different type of information such as e.g. medium or special number, it can also be permanently put on the hose assembly. We offer many methods of such marking the most popular of which is marking with the use of special dies that allows for letters, numbers, manufacturer logo to be put on the ferrule during crimping. Other methods include permanent marking before crimping with a dynamic impressing of an inscription on the ferrule, manual engraving or using additional plates assembled on a hose assembly.

Marking methods are usually adapted to the tagging and traceability requirements, type of hose assemblies and technical capabilities.

The most common are:

  • marking ferrules while crimping, using special marking dies containing interchangeable types (let-ters, digits, manufacturer’s logo, etc.),
  • marking ferrules before crimping, by imprinting an inscription from a die holder with interchangea-ble types,
  • additional plates or labels which are attached to a hose assembly,
  • engraving or laser marking on fittings.


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