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Tube bending machines

  • Tube bending machines

Tube bending machines – general information

Machines designed to bend hydraulic pipes. Widely used for small workshops and multi series production. Maximal pipe size: 42 x 4 mm. We offer the following types of tube bending devices:

  • Manual, very simple bender designed for hydraulic tubes with outer diameters from 6 to 18 mm, wall thickness up to 2 mm. Mounted in a vice. Complete, with bending rollers, supplied in a metal box. The device is designed mainly for small workshops. Dimensions: 720 x 130 x 125 mm. Weight: 6 kg.
  • Hydraulic tube bending machines with a manual, two-stage hydraulic pump. CM42 version is vice-mounted, CMS42 version comes with a metal base and a tool holder.
  • Hydraulic tube bending machine with an electrically driven hydraulic pump. It has a separate, man-ual control panel and a limit switch to facilitate series production. The maximum bend angle is from 120° to 170°, depending on the tube diameter.
  • Semi-automatic hydraulic tube bending machine with an electrically driven hydraulic pump. The construction and principle of operation are based on wrapping a tube around a revolving bending former. A built-in, electronic control panel allows for achieving the most precise bending results. Once the “start” button on the control panel is pressed, the machine starts bending the tube to a pre-set angle without any further assistance from the operator. A double, foot-operated pedal with a safety switch is available as an option. Bending tools (dies), on which the tubes are bent, are to be ordered separately (18 sizes).

Bending tools (bending dies, on which the tube is bent) designed for CM 42, CMS 42 and C 42 bend-ing machines are to be ordered separately. They are available as a set (metric bending dies 17 pcs.) or individually (metric bending dies and two types of imperial bending dies – „GAS” and „WHIT-WORTH” sizes).


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Manual bending machines for hydraulic pipes

Manual bending machines for hydraulic pipes

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FAQ – Tube bending machines

What tubes can be bent with a manual tube bender?2023-03-01T11:43:25+01:00

Metric carbon steel and stainless steel tubes with 6 to 22 mm outer diameters, depending on the type of bending machine.

Are bending machines suitable for bending rods?2023-03-01T11:50:34+01:00

Yes, but only smaller diameters, for example, 6 or 8 mm. This depends on the sturdiness of the bender and operator’s strength.

Is it necessary to use special mounting fixtures for the manual bender?2023-03-01T11:52:26+01:00

No, OP-RM18 and VS-RM22 manual benders can be mounted in a vice.

Additional information:

Video: VS RM22 – manual pipe bender designed for bending pipes

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