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Hose reels

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Hose reels – general information

Hose reels are primarily intended to allow fast unwinding of the required length of a hose (flexible hose assembly), which is ready for operation and connected to a supply (of e.g. water, air) via the reel. When its operation is over, the hose is rewound on the hose reel.

Advantages of using hose reels:

nawijaki do węży przemysłowych

An important factor, which directly affects the level of workplace safety, is keeping a job site tidy and securing equipment in a proper manner. When it comes to hoses, it is best to use hose reels, which minimise the risk of accidents and extend the service life of hoses by up to five times. There is no risk of damaging or cutting the hose if it is stored in the right way.

Hose assemblies lying randomly on the floor are the biggest threat to workplace safety as they may present a major tripping hazard and cause injuries. With hose reels, any desired length of a hose can be quickly unwound, ready for use, and connected via a reel to a supply outlet (e.g. water, air). After a task is done, the hose is wound back on the hose reel. This system increases the comfort and efficiency of work.

zwijadło sprężynowe do węża

The main hose is connected to 90º swivel (1), led through a pass (2) and wound on a hose reel drum (3), mounted on an axle (4) fitted into a reel frame (5). The end of the main hose is led through a guiding arm (6) and secured with a bumper (7). A supply hose is connected to the inlet of a swivel (8). The base (9) allows wall-mounting. A spring mechanism is installed inside the drum, a ratchet mechanism that stops the hose at required length – on the axle of the hose reel.

In order to match the hose reel model to the particular application properly, the following operation conditions and technical parameters must be considered:

a) Operation conditions:,

  • medium,
  • working pressure,
  • working and ambient temperature.

b) Technical parameters:

  • internal and external diameter of the hose to be wound on the hose reel,
  • type of the hose to be wound on the hose reel (due to their construction only some hoses are suitable for rewinding),
  • hose bending radius (maximum a half of the hose reel drum diameter),
  • length of the hose to be wound on the hose reel,
  • drive of the hose reel,
  • hose reel mounting position (wall, floor, ceiling, etc.)


  • The maximum working pressure and temperature is always determined by the parameter of a smaller value in
    the hose reel – hose set.
  • The maximum hose length is limited by the drum capacity (diameter and width) for a hose of a particular external
    diameter, and, in the case of spring driven hose reels, maximum tension (number of revolutions) obtained by
    the spring.
  • A flexible hose assembly must be used to supply media to the inlet of a hose reel. Non-flexible connection may
    damage the hose reel.
  • When selecting a hose reel for chemically aggressive media, not only the hose must be resistant to them, but
    also the internal fluid path in the hose reel, the swivel connector and seal.


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FAQ – Hose reels:

What are the basic types of drives for hose reels?2023-03-03T14:39:21+01:00

Spring, hand crank and motor drives: electric, hydraulic and pneumatic.

Can hose reels complete with hoses be used for steam?2023-03-03T14:41:41+01:00

Hose reels can be used for steam, but only together with hoses specifically designed for steam. To mount the hose on the reel, always use fittings intended for steam, assembled with special safety clamps.

The clamps should be checked for tightness with each use, as the hose material may deform when exposed to steam for a long period. Loose connections should be retightened, and parts showing excessive wear should be re-assembled after cutting off the excessively deformed section of the hose. Also, the hose reel may pick up heat, so it is important to pay attention to the safety of the operator. Steam can be fed into the set only after the hose is fully unwound..

Can hose reels complete with hoses be used in potentially explosive areas?2023-03-03T14:45:00+01:00

Technically, it is possible to use a complete hose reel set in potentially explosive areas. The hose reel must be ATEX-certified and the hose wound on the reel must be approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. In addition, the elements used to install the hose on the reel must be made of non-sparking parts. The entire unit must be approved by Tubes with an appropriate quality document.

What parameters need to be determined to select the right hose reel model for an application?2023-03-03T14:46:05+01:00

It is necessary to determine relevant operating conditions (medium, working pressure, working temperature), the technical parameters of a hose (not every hose, due to its design, is suitable for winding on a reel), the method of reel installation and the type of drive.

Additional information:

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