STOPFLEX® Hose Safety Systems

  • Zabezpieczenie do węży, zabezpieczenia do przewodów

STOPFLEX® safety system connects by steel cable hose with a fitting or with a machine. In that way it protects against operator injury or machine damage when the fitting accidentally bursts from the hose assembly. Widely used for hose assembles with all types of fittings (metric, imperial, flanges, etc.).

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STOPFLEX® is a registered trademark of OP Srl. company.


Whipchek Hose Safety Systems

  • Zabezpieczenie przewodów, węży

A safety system that prevents fittings bursting from the hose assembly or couplings disconnection (especially for air or other gases). Widely used for air hoses with claw couplings but can also be used for any hose with DN from 1/2″ to 3″.