Hydraulics and High Pressure

All issues dealing with the design and application of hydraulic installations are classified as high pressure hydraulics. The idea behind the hydraulics is to utilize the energy of hydraulic fluid and change it into mechanical energy. The last means the movement of such elements as actuators, hydraulic motors, etc. Our company provides high pressure hydraulic solutions along with several other services such as technical advice and assistance. Our knowledge combined with experience (over 20 years on the market) make our greatest asset. What is more, we are constantly expanding the range of products to be able to provide our customers with an exhaustive range of services that the high pressure hydraulics demand.

Our company not only sells, but also produces complete hydraulic hose assemblies and caters for their service. The hose assemblies are produced of top quality components using professional machines only. Special fittings designed to suit the specific requirements of our customers can be produced too.

Tubes International can supply any of the extensive selection of:

Tubes International is a distributor of Finn-Power crimping machines and cutting devices, which are manufactured by Lillbacka Powerco – a company based in Finland. We equip workshops or production lines with machines required for hose assembly production, however to make them complete, we can supply: testing, marking and assembly cleaning machines, all types of hydraulic pipe processing machines and other accessories such as racks or hose reels.

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