Hydraulic cylinders

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinders piston single-acting and double-acting
budowa siłownika hydraulicznego

1. eyes (carbon steel)a) piston seals (NBR + TPE + POM)
2. ports (carbon steel)b) o-ring NBR (static seal)
3. end cap (carbon steel)c) wiper seal PU
4. body (carbon steel)d) gland seal (NBR + fabric)
5. piston (carbon steel)e) seal PU (static seal)
6. piston rod (NiCr coated alloy steel)
7. gland (cast iron)
8. spherical plain bearings (bearing steel)
TypeOperationConstructionMounting 1 (cylinder side)Mounting 2 (piston rod/plunger side)
HPA1double-actingpistoneye with spherical bearing*eye with spherical bearing*
HPE1single-actingpistoneye with spherical bearing*eye with spherical bearing*
HPA2double-actingpistoneye with spherical bearing*metric male thread**
HPE2single-actingpistoneye with spherical bearing*metric male thread**
SEsingle-actingplungermounting holemounting hole
DEdouble-actingpistonmounting holemounting hole

* – eye fitted with a grease nipple (requiring lubrication)
** – a threaded eye (Tubes code:  HS-HP-KT…) can be screwed on this rod

siłownik dwustronnego działania

Cylinder selection

During selection consider the following criteria:

  • cylinder type (single-acting or double-acting)
  • maximum working pressure
  • cylinder size (piston/piston rod)
  • cylinder stroke
  • cylinder mounting options (e.g. eyes with spherical bearings)
Plunger cylinders are bigger than piston cylinders. During operation the entire plunger is immersed in oil so the cylinder is more resistant to corrosion.

siłownik hydrauliczny jednostronnego działania

Piston cylinders are smaller than plunger cylinders. They are additionally equipped with an air vent to allow the piston/piston rod to move during cylinder operation.

siłownik jednostronnego działania

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