Hydraulic power units

  • Agregaty hydrauliczne

Mini hydraulic POWER PACKS are designed to operate single-acting and double-acting cylinders in simple high pressure hydraulic systems. The power units, in their basic configuration, include an electric motor connected to an oil-immersed hydraulic pump, safety valve (set at the maximum system pressure) and suction oil filter. Depending on application, the power unit can be additionally equipped with: solenoid valve NO/NC (single-acting cylinder operation), NG6 directional control valve (double-acting cylinder operation), throttle valve (cylinder fall speed control), level gauge (tank oil level monitoring), pressure switch, remote control set (emitter – receiver), control module (two or four switches), etc.

Some of the applications include: trucks (trailer tilt  mechanism, hydraulic platform), car lift, recycling press, scissor lift, etc.

To select your hydraulic power unit correctly, please contact Tubes International.

motor power supply direct current (12V DC, 24V DC), alternating current (230V – 1 phase; 230/400V – 3 phase)
motor output 0,35 ÷ 4,1 [kW]
type of solenoid valve NO (normally open) / NC (normally closed)
solenoid control voltage 12V DC, 24V DC, 115V AC, 230V AC
pump output 1,1 ÷ 9,8 [cm 3/rev.]
safety valve setting 10 ÷ 60 bar, 50 ÷ 150 bar, 100 ÷ 200 bar
tank capacity 1 ÷ 30 litres