Pipe Clamps DIN3015

Clamps designed for quick, easy, durable and pleasantly looking assembly of pipes, cables and hoses in a wide range of industry applications e.g. for land and marine installations. Manufactured according to DIN 3015 specifications. The clamps can be set on a base construction by welding the lower clamp half, screwing or installing on rails. Available in three types (standard, heavy duty, double) and four material versions (polypropylene – green, polyamide – black, rubber- black, aluminium – silver). The surface of the inner part of a clamp is shaped (grooved) as a standard. Clamps with smooth surface of an inner part are also available. Material: connecting parts (screws, plates) – zinc plated carbon steel, welded parts – carbon steel. Clamps with parts made of stainless steel are available on request.


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