Thermoplastic hoses

  • Przewody termoplastyczne

Hoses for medium and high pressure made of thermoplastic polymers (such as polyester, polyamide, polyurethane) reinforced by max 2 layers of steel or textile braids. Most types manufactured to certain standards i.e.: SAE J517 (for hoses SAE 100R7 and SAE 100R8), DIN 24951, ISO 3949 and PN-EN 855. Those standards in details describe two types of hoses: with double textile braid (R7) and double aramid braid (R8). Thermoplastic hoses widely used in hydraulics, airless paint spray, air and compressed gases, chemicals and water cleaning.

Thermoplastic hose characteristics:

  • very low weight (even up to 60% lighter compared to rubber hose),
  • compact structure (small external diameter in proportion to the internal one),
  • small bend radius,
  • good chemical resistance of an internal layer to hydraulic oil and chemicals,
  • very smooth internal layer surface that reduces the loss of flow rate,
  • resistance to ageing, ozone and ultraviolet radiation.
  • resistance to abrasion of external layer (polyurethane).

Pinpricking of external layer:

Pinpricking is defined as pricks (micro holes) in an external layer of a hose. It prevents gas build-up under the external layer which is a result of permeation of gas particles through the material over longer operation time. It is recommended to pinprick the layer particularly for high pressure gas transfer and nearby fittings. Pinpricking is factory-made or after crimping of complete hose assemblies.

Static electricity:

If it is vital for particular application to conduct electrical charge away from the hose (hose for paint, organic solvents, hose with high flow rate of a medium), the choice of the hose with a metal braid or additional conductor (conductive fibre in a braid, etc.) is recommended. It is vital to mount fittings in such a way so as to obtain electrical conductivity of the hose assembly in such a way we can achieve electrical conductivity of the hose assembly.

Twin and multiple hoses:

The twin version of thermoplastic hoses (two hoses with external layers joined together) among other applications is used for fork-lift trucks, hydraulic installations of machine tools and process lines. A multiple hose version (three or four pieces, etc.) is available on special request.


It is recommended to use for thermoplastic hoses Z type fittings (assembled with the use of crimping machines). In some cases S type reusable fittings can be used.


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