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UHP equipment

  • WATERBLAST hoses
  • WATERBLAST rubber hoses
  • UHP thermoplastic hoses and fittings
  • Instrumentation MP / HP

UHP (Ultra High Pressure) equipment includes hoses, fittings, complete hose assemblies, adapters and accessories designed for working pressure in the range of about 700 to 4000 bar. Applications include fluid power hydraulics (e.g. hydraulic tools, rescue equipment, special ultra high pressure hydraulic systems), high-pressure water jet cutting and cleaning equipment (WATERBLAST technology), test benches and various industrial applications of liquid and gaseous chemicals , e.g. hydraulic fracturing in oil and gas exploration. Because of very high working pressure values, it is necessary to use products (hoses and fittings, adapters, quick release couplings, etc.) designed specifically for these applications.


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FAQ –  UHP hoses

What does UHP stand for?2023-03-30T15:36:36+02:00

The abbreviation UHP stands for ultra high pressure, with up to 4000 bar for Spir Star hose assemblies.

Are UHP hose assemblies used for hydrogen refuelling?2023-03-30T15:37:12+02:00

Yes, according to ISO19880-5, pressure can reach up to 700 bar in hydrogen refuelling systems.

Are UHP high pressure hoses different from hydraulic hoses?2023-03-30T15:38:51+02:00


UHP rubber hoses, that is, Waterblast hoses come with inner and outer layers of synthetic rubber, which is suitable for water. In hydraulic hoses, the rubber is also synthetic, but is not suitable for water – it is designed for hydraulic oil.

Thermoplastic hydraulic hoses usually have an inner layer of polyester, sometimes polyamide. They are reinforced with aramid braids, sometimes with one steel braid. UHP Spir Star thermoplastic hoses have an inner layer of polyoxymethylene or polyamide, which is always reinforced with steel braids.

The maximum working pressure of UHP rubber hoses, that is Waterblast hoses, reaches up to 1450 bar. The maximum working pressure of UHP Spir Star thermoplastic hoses is about 4000 bar. In contrast, the maximum working pressure of hydraulic hoses is 450 bar.

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