Ultra High Pressure quick release couplings

  • szybkozłącza hydrauliczne ultra wysokie ciśnienia

The Flat-face, dry-brake series has been developed to meet the rigorous demands of ultrahigh pressure hydraulic applications. It is easier to control the cleanliness of a connecting surface as it is flat. Moreover the series is designed for one hand operation. It is enough to push the plug into the socket without any positioning. The plug is automatically locked in the socket. In order to disconnect the socket turn the locking sleeve by 30° and then pull it backwards to release the plug. The unique blank plug design with an integrated pressure eliminator is a solution to a problem of residual pressure that is sometimes present on the plug side, making it difficult to connect with the socket. By pressing the button on the blank plug, the internal pressure can be easily relieved and the plug can be pushed in into the socket without any problems.

In order to choose a quick release coupling properly for certain application and to be sure that it is going to function faultlessly, we should:

  • Account for the working pressure of a quick release coupling, flow rate and pressure drop as well as the type
    of sealing.
  • Consider protection against accidental disconnection
  • Do not connect couplings under pressure.
  • Keep the quick release coupling clean (wipe off the surface of the socket and plug before each connection).
  • Use blank plugs and caps whenever the socket and plug are separated as they protect the quick release couplings against dirt and debris. It is important to wipe the socket and plug clean each time before putting the
    blank plugs and caps on. The blank plug and cap should be connected whenever the coupling is connected.
  • Check the condition of the plug, socket and sealing on regular basis – replace them, if necessary.

Special construction plug cap with a pressure eliminator designed for 115 and 116 series plugs. It solves the problem of residual pressure that sometimes remains on the plug side and makes a connection to the socket impossible. By pressing the button on the plug cap, residual pressure can be easily released and the quick release coupling can be connected with no effort. Code of plug cap with pressure eliminator: CJ-HP-101154102.


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Double shut-off ultra high pressure quick release coupling (UHP)

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