Ultra High Pressure SPIR STAR® hoses and accessories

  • rubber ultra high pressure hoses

With our workshop facilities, we can produce and service UHP hose assemblies in-house. That is why, we offer:

UHP hoses
Hose assemblies in any length
We can produce UHP hose assembly in any length you need.

UPH hose assemblies with any accessories
We will produce hose assembly tailored specifically to your application. We can fit it with:

  • any accessories,
  • protection hoses (e.g. heat, abrasion protection),
  • longer ferrules, tubes.

UHP hose assembly services in Poland
Our service for Spir Star hoses is carried out at the company’s head office location in Poznań, which reduces the cost of repair and overall downtime. After examination of a hose assembly, we can also service Spir Star hose assemblies, that come from another distributor.

High pressure Spir Star and Waterblast hose assemblies within 24 hours (Green Line System)
Green Line System was developed to have UHP hose assemblies ready for you within 24 hours. It saves the day when something unexpected comes up, e.g. during cleaning work ordered for maintenance shutdown, where every minute is precious and hose assembly resources suddenly become scarce.

Applications of water jetting and water blasting:

  • in construction works – removing paint, cleaning and demolition of concrete, washing equipment and tools, cleaning natural stone, monuments, etc.
  • at airports – removing paint, rubber and other deposits from runways; when replacing expansion joints.
  • in steelworks and foundries – removing scale, cleaning furnaces, conveyor belts, floors, castings, moulds, tools, etc.
  • in breweries – cleaning vats, pipelines, drains, walls, etc.
  • in cement plants – cleaning floors, grids, walls, conveyor belts, tanks, sieves, etc.
  • in chemical and petrochemical plants – cleaning heat exchangers, reactors, mixers, evaporators, pipes, tanks, drains, cutting and removal of resins, PVC, hard polymers, etc.
  • in coal mines – cleaning vehicles, heavy transport machinery, emulsion pumping, etc.
  • in the shipbuilding industry – restoration of concrete quays, cleaning of ship hulls, tanks, paint removal, etc.
  • in the automotive industry – cleaning of paint booths, transport hooks for painted components, general washing and cleaning,
  • in the paper industry – cleaning of tanks, pipes, mixers, sieves, pressing machines,
  • in power plants – cleaning of furnace chambers, furnaces, boilers, heat exchangers, pipes, turbines, filters
  • municipal works – cleaning of sewer system, removal of graffiti, redundant signs from streets,
  • in the food industry – cutting frozen food, washing tanks, cold stores,
  • in the transport industry – cleaning vehicles, tanks, wagons, removing graffiti,
  • and for high pressure testing, cutting of various materials e.g. plastics, leather, stone, removal of all types of coatings e.g. rubber, paint, resin, etc.

Applications using high pressure hydraulic oil:

  • hydraulic bolt and pin tensioners;
  • hydraulic jacks, spreaders and chisels;
  • shears for cutting steel components (rescue equipment);
  • in test systems (e.g. common rail engines);

Other applications of high-pressure technology (fun facts)

  • cutting dough – using water up to 1200 bar,
  • as an alternative to thermal food sterilisation by exposing food to brief pressure action, from 100 to 1000 MPa (it is usually for a few minutes); it can be sterilised without the adverse effects of heat on the product, without chemicals or radiation,
  • arthroscopic surgery instruments. Tissue is not removed with a knife or a laser, but with a jet of water at very high pressure. The procedure is safe because the water jet is fully controlled. The apparatus is used to treat certain joint problems, mainly of the knee. It is used to remove damaged knee cartilage, etc. The tip of an arthroscopic instrument is designed to make the water jet act like a scalpel and remove only unwanted tissue, both soft and bone.


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SPIR STAR<sup>®</sup> for heat exchanger and pipeline cleaning

SPIR STAR® for heat exchanger and pipeline cleaning

SPIR STAR<sup>®</sup> for hydraulic applications

SPIR STAR® for hydraulic applications

SPIR STAR<sup>®</sup> for water jet cleaning and cutting

SPIR STAR® for water jet cleaning and cutting

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