• WATERBLAST hoses
  • High pressure water is dangerous and can cause death, injury or property damage.
    Always use appropriate personal protective equipment, including clothes, goggles, gloves and footwear.
  • Only properly trained and authorised personnel can use hose assemblies.
  • The area where hose assemblies are used must be kept clear of bystanders and properly marked.
  • Never use hose assemblies above their working pressure and below the minimum bend radius.
  • Always visually inspect hose assemblies before use.
  • Do not use hose assemblies with corroded, leaking, worn or mechanically damaged fittings. Take them out of service.
  • Do not use hoses with blisters, cuts or with braid wires showing through. Take them out of service.
  • Do not use hoses with kinks, dents or damaged either way. Take them out of service.
  • Do not use hoses that have been exposed to aggressive chemicals or high temperatures. Take them out of service.
  • When using a hose, avoid kinking, twisting, stretching and contact with sharp edges.
  • A change of a few percent in hose length under pressure must be taken into account, to avoid excessive stretching.
  • It is acceptable to connect several sections of the hose using suitable high pressure couplings.
  • It is not recommended to suspend joined hose sections or to let a hose support its own weight.
  • Always clean, drain, and coil hoses after use.


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