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Industrial fittings – general information

A range of industrial fittings offered by Tubes International includes elements used for the construction of industrial installations using pipes and hoses, intended to transfer liquid, gaseous and solid substances (media). This range consists of a diverse range of couplings, quick release couplings, hose fittings, adapters and connectors, which are used to end or equip rigid pressure lines pipelines or flexible lines hoses. They are used to connect the elements of an installation together.

Other elements, industrial valves, open and close the flow or control the flow rate. Clips, clamps and crimping ferrules mount the fittings to the hoses. Other types of assembly clips and clamps are used to attach the pipes and hoses to the base construction. The vast majority of these industrial fittings works under pressure and in a direct contact with the medium, they are subject to mechanical and thermal loads, to corrosion and external operating conditions.

The elements of industrial fittings are made of: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, polypropylene and many other materials, equipped with different types of seals. The most important are as follows:

  • standard industrial and loading/unloading couplings e.g. tankwagen, CAMLOCK, IBC, STORZ for water, fuel and chemicals;
  • lever couplings e.g. PERROT, BAUER for water (construction industry, agriculture);
  • threaded and flange couplings popularly used in all sectors of the industry;
  • specialised loading/unloading couplings dry disconnect couplings and emergency breakaway couplings for fuel and chemicals;
  • pipe connectors pipe fittings in cast iron, brass and steel;
  • stainless steel hygienic couplings, e.g. DIN 11851, TRICLOVER for the food industry and pharmaceutical industry;
  • couplings for oil and or gas extraction e.g. HAMMER LUG;
  • claw couplings for water and air, sandblasting couplings;
  • swivel joints, used wherever rotary movement or oscillation between elements of the installation occur;
  • quick release couplings quickly connect elements of the installation (for water, injection moulds, pneumatics, for fluids)
  • industrial valves (ball, gate, butterfly, check, solenoid and safety valves);
  • clips, bands and ferrules for crimping fittings in hoses;
  • special crimping ferrules for mounting fittings to industrial hoses;

Generally, the industrial fittings include the elements intended to work under the pressure of up to several tens of bar. For high pressure couplings and fittings, see HYDRAULICS AND HIGH PRESSURE section . For industrial pneumatic elements, see PNEUMATICS. To learn more about guns and accessories for cleaning and washing (low and high pressure), measuring accessories and lubrication accessories browse relevant special sections. Some elements of the industrial fittings are described together with the hoses in INDUSTRIAL HOSES section. Different types of compensators are in EXPANSION JOINTS section.

Apart from the standard elements of industrial fittings, Tubes International supplies a range of highly specialised elements of the industrial pressure systems from a portfolio of recognised home and foreign manufacturers. We also design and manufacture couplings and industrial hose fittings customised according to the needs of our customers, with all types of end connections. It allows our customers to save time, and consequently, the money designed for operations dealing with ongoing products supply.


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