Band -IT® clamp system

  • Band -IT® clamp system

Band-It® banding assembly system – general information

Band-It®banding system allows quick and easy assembly of fittings on industrial hoses. As Band-It®systems are made either of stainless steel or acid resistant steel, they can be used in the most demanding operating conditions such as very high mechanical loads, corrosive environments, vibrations, fire hazard, very high or low temperatures, UV radiation but also special hygiene and food requirements. The bands are fastened and locked with buckles with special tools to make a clamp of high durability and mechanical strength.

The most popular in the range is Band-It®STANDARD system. It consists of rolls of steel band that can be cut to length and fastened to form clamps of any diameter. It is usually recommended to make the clamp with a double wrap for large diameters or for more demanding applications. Non-perforated bands in a variety of widths are available in cardboard boxes or in more handy plastic totes.

The most robust and fastest of all banding systems is called ULTRA-LOK. Here, the band is either preformed, double wrapped with a built-in buckle or cut into free-end lengths to be formed into a clamp (single or double wrap). The plain band together with the small, plain design buckle make the most powerful solution. The bands are mounted using electric tools, 24V or 230V.


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