Camlock Fittings

  • camlock aluminium
  • camlock polipropylen
  • camlock stal nierdzewna (AISI 316)

CAMLOCK couplings make a group of very popular, recognised and reliable couplings for application in industry, in particular in the oil and gas as well as chemical industry. The specifications for the couplings were first laid down in US military standard MIL-C-27487 ( A-A-59326), they are also defined by the European standards EN 14420-7 (former DIN 2828). With their simple design, CAMLOCK couplings are very user friendly. To connect, an adapter is simply inserted into a coupler with the cam arms extended. To lock the adapter in the coupler both cam arms must be pulled down at the same time. The cam arms engage in the groove of the adapter and thus block and press it tightly. A flat elastomeric seal in the groove of the coupler ensures leak tightness. A safety pin in the holes of the coupler can provide additional protection against accidental opening of the cam arms and against disconnection.

CAMLOCK couplings are made of aluminium, brass (bronze), AISI 316 stainless steel, polypropylene reinforced with fibreglass. Available in a size range from 1/2″ to 8″ (DN13 to DN200). The couplers and adapters are available with BSP and NPT female and male thread, with a serrated hose tail and with a smooth one to fit a safety clamp, with PN16 and ANSI flanges, with weld-in ends, CAMLOCK blank plugs and fitting adapters. A wide range of sealing material (NBR, EPDM, Viton, CR, PTFE / Viton envelop gaskets etc.) allows matching a particular chemical medium. Working pressure of CAMLOCK couplings ranges from a couple to over ten bar and depends on their size and material.
CAMLOCK couplings must not be used for air, gas or steam.

High pressure CAMLOCK couplings with special finish and working pressure of several tens of bar are available for some applications. To select the coupling, please contact Tubes International.

A hose assembly (flexible hose) with CAMLOCK couplings can be equipped with SAFETY BUMPS – special plastic blank caps with handles to make hose operations easier when e.g. the hose is taken out of the hose tube on a tanker truck. Applied as an extra protection, SAFETY LOCK strap prevents uncontrolled disconnection of the standard CAMLOCK coupling.

Apart from the standard CAMLOCK couplings, there are also CAMLOCK couplings with a locking mechanism which protects against disconnection – see: CAMLOCK couplings with a locking system.


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Camlock couplings with a locking system

SAFLOK® coupling is a variation of CAMLOCK couplers with a special locking mechanism to secure against coupling disconnection. They are used wherever a risk of coupling disconnection caused by accidental opening of the cam arms, vibration or pressure pulsation must be totally excluded, but at the same the ease of fast connection and disconnection is crucial. The design of the handle is different from the standard one as it has spring safety locks which lock the handles in a closed position. When the cam arms are being pulled down and closed, the safety locks engage them automatically. To unlock, the safety locks must be just pulled during opening of the coupling.

SAFLOK® couplings are compatible with other CAMLOCK couplings according to MIL-C-27487 – standard adapters can be used. Spare parts – handles with safety locks and pins are also available. Couplings size 1/2″ come with 1/2″ thread and 3/4” coupler. SAFLOK® couplings are made of AISI 316 stainless steel and NBR seal.


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