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Grooved couplings – general information

Grooved couplings are primarily intended to connect pipe sections. The rectangular groove is made at the end of a pipe. A rubber gasket is placed at the centre of connection, and a clamp which matches the grooves size grips both ends of the pipes and joins then compressing the gasket. The gasket is additionally compressed as it responds to the pressure acting on the pipes. Depending on the type of the clamp the connection is rigid or allows some angular movement of the connected elements.

The system of the grooved end pipe connection was developed more than one hundred years ago and is still widely used for drinking water supply systems, sewage, industrial water, chemicals, sludge and air. It allows for fast and easy building of permanent and temporary piping systems in industry, construction, mining, fire fighting systems and many other applications.

The groove on the pipes is made by machining or rolling. The coupling housing (clamp) and fittings (grooved pipe fittings) are made of ductile cast iron coated with epoxy paint or zinc plated. Working pressure 16 bar. EPDM rubber seal. Typical connection sizes range from DN25 (pipe outer diameter 33,7 mm) up to DN150 (pipe outer diameter 168,3 mm).

Our product range includes:

  • rigid and flexible clamps;
  • 90° and 45° elbows;
  • tees;
  • reducers;
  • flange adapters, grooved flanges;
  • blank caps and gaskets.

Fittings with a hose tail and grooved coupling are also available.

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Grooved couplings

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