Guillemin Symetrical Couplings

Złącza Guillemin - złącza przemysłowe

GUILLEMIN couplings are intended for application in industrial installations transferring, loading and unloading liquid and dry loose substances. The couplings were first designed in France and are compliant with EN 14420-8 / NF E 29-572. Simple and easy connection is the key to their popularity. Two identical halves with two lugs are closed just by putting them together with the seals facing each other and by turning the locking rings so that the lugs are securely engaged. To tighten the connection, turn the locking rings with a hook wrench for Guillemin couplings by 1/4 a turn.

Guillemin couplings are used for delivery and suction-delivery applications for water, fluids, hydrocarbons, (including bituminous substances), chemicals (stainless steel version) and dry loose materials (powders, granules). Not suitable for steam and other gases. Used in industrial installations, irrigation, loading and unloading systems, as the equipment of road and rail tankers.

The size of the coupling is marked by its nominal diameter DN (from DN20 to DN150) and related lug spacing. As a standard they are made of aluminium with a white NBR rubber seal (working temperature: from -10°C to +80°C) or AISI 316 stainless steel with a black FKM rubber – Viton (working temperature: from -10°C to +180°C). Maximum working pressure of Guillemin couplings is 16 bar.

We offer the couplings with a hose tail, couplings with BSP female and male thread, blank caps.

Guillemin couplings are available in brass and polypropylene as well. The coupling without a locking ring is often used on rigid installations (the locking ring of the coupling that connects to the installation is only needed to connect two coupling halves together). Similarly, Guillemin coupling with a locking ring but without lugs is used to connect the hose.

Guillemin couplings and French DSP/AR couplings in DN40, DN65 and DN100 size according to NF S61-704 and 705 standard are much of the same shape, they are mainly used in fire fighting. They have grooves on the lugs, corrugated locking ring, profiled seal and can be connected easier without the use of a wrench. Basically, DSP/AR couplings can be connected with Guillemin couplings but they are not interchangeable.


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