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IBC adaptors

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IBC adaptors – general information

IBC coupling (Intermediate Bulk Container) is a special plastic coupling intended for emptying pallet tanks (plastic container intended for the transport and storage of liquids, capacity of up to 1000 l, placed in a metal cage attached to the pallet). The pallet tanks are also called IBC totes or caged water tanks.

IBC coupling is a threaded coupling made of polypropylene – material with excellent chemical resistance. A buttress thread according to EN 12713 connects to the container (e.g. S60x6, S75x6, S80x6, S92x4, S100x8), polyethylene seal (LDPE). Adapters with BSP and NPT pipe thread, hose tail, CAMLOCK adapter, but also blank plugs and IBC ball valves are available in our product portfolio. Working pressure up to 7 bar. IBC coupling is a basic type of industrial fittings intended for plastic pallet tanks for liquid chemicals and water.

Adapters made of high-quality, food-safe, fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene suited for the most popular and common plastic barrels used for storing raw materials (200 litres). Designed to make suction pump or ball valve (faucet) installation easier and faster. An O-ring seal on a male thread according to DIN EN 12713 ensures a tight connection.

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IBC adaptors

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Reducers and adapters for IBC couplings

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Seals for IBC couplings

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FAQ – IBC adaptors :

Are IBC couplings offered by Tubes International suitable for foodstuffs?2023-08-16T09:47:35+02:00

Standard couplings made of polypropylene are not suitable for contact with foodstuffs. For this application, we recommend using a special version, made of stainless steel.

Can I buy spare parts, e.g. replacement seals, for economy version couplings?2023-08-16T09:48:11+02:00

No, the manufacturer of the IBC couplings in the economy version does not provide spare parts such as seals. The couplings should be treated as disposable.

Does Tubes International offer IBC couplings made of materials other than PE?2023-08-16T09:48:41+02:00

In addition to standard PE couplings, we also offer couplings made of stainless steel and PTFE.

Which seals can be used for premium IBC couplings?2023-08-16T09:49:10+02:00

LDPE (low density polyethylene), PTFE, STANTOPREN, VITON, food grade EPDM.

Are premium and economy IBC couplings compatible?2023-08-16T09:49:35+02:00

Yes, as far as threaded connections are concerned, both premium and economy IBC couplings are fully compatible.

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