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Lever couplings – general information

Lever couplings consists of a cup-shaped coupler with a rubber seal and a ball-shaped adapter. The coupling is connected with the hooks and locked tightly together by latching the lever. The design of the coupling allows for angular deflection while connecting the elements, therefore they are sometimes called Cardan couplings. There are many types of lever couplings – the shapes of the coupler and adapter are different as well as the shape of the lugs and their spacing.

They are either made of zinc-plated steel, aluminium or stainless steel. The lever couplings are intended for irrigation and drainage pipe systems (sprinklers, construction and road works, sewage treatment, groundwater control – well point dewatering system) As the couplings feature simple, very robust construction and leak tightness even if fairly contaminated with impurities, they are perfectly suitable for both piping systems and flexible hose assemblies – for water, sewage, liquid chemicals, petrochemical and food products. However, the lever couplings can also be used for loose materials loading and unloading (cement, lime, materials, feed, granules, grain, flour etc.).

If the coupling is intended for the medium other than water, the right seal material must be carefully selected.


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