Loading and unloading couplings

  • Loading and unloading couplings for tankers and pallet containers

Loading and unloading couplings – general information

In transport operations, loading/unloading couplings are used for filling and emptying of virtually every transport tank (IBC containers, road and rail tankers, tanks on a ship). Flexible hose assemblies or rigid loading arms fitted with couplings are used for loading and unloading. The flexible loading/unloading hose assemblies are used as the equipment of transport tanks (e.g. road tankers) or loading terminals where they make a part of loading/unloading systems (loading/unloading equipment). The loading/unloading hose assemblies and equipment are supervised by special inspection bodies (in Poland – by Transportation Technical Supervision).

A wide range of general-purpose industrial couplings is suitable for loading/unloading purposes, however there are the special couplings designed to conform to the particular requirements of the loading/unloading applications:

  • flange couplings;
  • threaded couplings
  • TW (tankwagen) couplings;
  • CAMLOCK couplings;
  • STORZ couplings, Guillemin couplings;
  • lever couplings(Perrot, Laux, Bauer etc.)
  • API couplings(dry disconnect couplings, gravity drop couplings, vapour recovery couplings);
  • dry disconnect couplings of different types;
  • emergency breakaway couplings;
  • rail tanker couplings.

If required, swivel joints and sight glasses are used.

Tubes International is authorised to select and supply all types of loading/unloading couplings and hose assemblies, as well as complete Loading/Unloading Systems.


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