Compression Fittings

Łączniki mosieżne AI z pierścieniem zaciskowy

Multipurpose brass fittings with a cutting ring designed to connect copper, steel, aluminium pipes etc. as well as pipe and hoses of plastics (e.g. polyamide). The cutting ring is symmetrical, barrel-shaped with both edges sharp, tapered. The connectors conform to EN 1254-2 standard for general-purpose plumbing fittings made of copper and copper alloys. The outer diameters of connected pipes range from 4 to 22 mm. Working pressure (for copper pipes of wall thickness 1 mm) from 70 bar (pipe 22 mm) to 150 bar (pipe 4mm). Tightness of the connection is achieved by the cutting ring which bites into the pipe and simultaneously, together with the pipe, it is pressed against the socket by the nut.

An array of connectors includes: connectors designed to connect pipes (straight connectors, elbows, tees, crosses), stud couplings to be screwed into the body (straight, elbow, tee, banjo couplings), reducers, cutting rings, nuts and many other. The brass connectors with a cutting ring are intended for water, air, oil, fuel etc., especially in copper piping systems.