Pipe fittings (Pipe connectors)

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Pipe fittings (Pipe connectors)– general information

Pipe fittings – threaded pipe connectors in the following materials:

  • cast iron and carbon steel;
  • brass;
  • stainless steel;

Threaded connectors are designed to connect pipes in industrial piping systems. The pipes are normally threaded with an imperial male pipe thread (BSPT, BSP). The connector (muff, elbow, tee, cross, pipe union) has BSP female thread and is screwed onto a pipe end section. Threaded connectors with female thread, male thread, or weld-in end can be used to connect other elements of the system (valves, filters, pumps, various types of couplings, flexible hoses). The threaded pipe connectors are available in the diameter range of 1/4″ to 4″. Working pressure from 10 up to 25 bar.

The treaded pipe connectors are popularly used in industrial pipe systems transferring water, various fluids, steam, air and other gases.


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