Quick Release Couplings for Food and Beverage

Szybkozłącza spożywcze, do przemysłu spożywczego
Specialised HANSEN BEVERAGE quick release couplings serving the food industry, designed for fluids and gases, used for filling, packing processes, dispensing beverage and liquid food products with the use of compressed gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, gas mixtures). These quick release couplings are also called PEPSI couplings, keg couplings. Widely used in the dairy industry, bakeries, food and pharmaceuticals industries, brewing industry and as catering equipment.

HANSEN BEVERAGE quick release couplings are made of stainless steel. Double shut-off couplings – both the socket and the plug contain valves. It is characteristic of HB quick release couplings to have an outer o-ring which seals the plug and ball locking mechanism. There are two versions of HANSEN BEVERAGE quick release couplings: for fluids and for gases, with different plug outer diameters. They are additionally marked: sockets – plastic ring (white – gases, black – fluids), and plugs – a groove on the hexagon of a plug for gases. The quick release couplings come with NPT and UNF female and male threads and with 1/4″ and 3/8″ hose tail (also 90° angle). Maximum working pressure is 15 bar, temperature up to +130°C.

Tubes International offers an array of spare parts such as: rings, valves, seals, springs.


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