Refueling Equipment

  • Końcówki paliwowe skręcane
  • Pistolet do paliwa, pistolet nalewczy, pistolet do dystrybutora

Fuel handling equipment is used for fluids (water, solutions, chemicals, solvents, petroleum products, oils, fuels, foodstuffs) in high volume filling applications, dispensing, transferring into smaller containers, filling fuel tanks of vehicles. Always consider corrosion resistance of materials when selecting the fuel handling equipment.

Fuel nozzles

Manual nozzles for dispensing fuels (petrol, diesel), oils, chemical substances, AdBlue. Made of plastic materials (polypropylene, polyamide), aluminium, stainless steel. Compatible with fuel dispensers, also those with an automatic fuel shut off device. Equipped with a female thread swivel connector or a hose tail. Flow rate ranges from several tens up to over a hundred l/min.

Fuel screw-to-connect couplings

Fuel screw-to-connect hose couplings complying with EN 14424 standard. The hose is first inserted into the crimping ferrule, then the fittings is screwed into both, the hose and the ferrule. Designed for rubber and thermoplastic hoses with inner diameters 13, 15, 19, 25, 32 and 38 mm and of particular wall thickness. The fitting has either BSP female thread with a nut or BSPT, NPT or BSP male thread. Used in the fuel industry and chemical industry to assemble hoses for distribution of fuel, chemicals, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), other fluids. Made of brass, the female thread comes with a flat polyurethane seal. Stainless steel version is also available. Maximum working pressure 16 bar.


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