• Wąż do powietrza
  • Wąż odciągowy
  • Wąż do paliwa i oleju, oil star
  • Wąż zwijany stalowy, wąż stalowy zwijany
  • Węże kompozytowe TDT

Industrial flexible hoses are used to convey such media (substances, products) as fluids, gases and solids under pressure (delivery hoses) or under vacuum, in suction conditions (suction hoses). Compared to a permanent pipe installation (pipeline), they enable easy assembly, eliminate vibrations and installation movements. The flexible hoses are intended for various industrial applications at pressure ranging from low and medium up to several tens of bar. They are divided into a number of groups depending on application, hose material and construction. For high pressure hoses, see HIGH PRESSURE HYDRAULICS (HIGH PRESSURE) . For industrial pneumatic hoses, see PNEUMATICS. To learn more about hoses for cleaning and washing (low and high pressure), measuring hoses and lubrication hoses – browse relevant special sections.

A vast majority of hoses is directly used as high pressure flexible hose assemblies, complete assemblies fitted with couplings. For couplings, fittings, clamps see INDUSTRIAL FITTINGS first. You can also check information in a relevant hose group.

At Tubes International we produce complete hose assemblies made of all industrial hose types listed, according to individual Customer’s specification, matching the hose, couplings and technology for the production of complete hose assemblies with the requirements resulting from the operation conditions as well as applicable regulations and standards.

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