Air-Conditioning Fittings Assembling Tools

  • Urządzenia do zakuwania węży do klimatyzacji,

Rubber freon hoses for car air-conditioning are mounted with fittings in the following ways:

  • BURGACLIP® fast assembly system – system consists of fittings with special hose tail design, clip holders and clips. Only special pliers for clips are needed to assemble the fittings easily and fast. Recommended for service purposes.
  • Crimp fittings – one-piece metal crimp ferrule is integrated with the fitting. They are usually crimped with specially profiled dies with three teeth. When used for service purposes, they are crimped with small crimpers for air-conditioning, whereas when serial production is concerned – using standard crimping machines for hydraulic hose assemblies e.g. Finn Power, and special profile die sets for freon fittings.
  • Reusable fittings – the fitting is screwed into the ferrule and hose. The ferrule is screwed onto the hose beforehand. Assembly without any special tools. Due to the cost of the fittings, the system is not popular.

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