Automotive Silicon Hoses and Silicon Hose Connectors

  • Łączniki silikonowe do motoryzacji
  • Łączniki silikonowe

Hoses and moulded connectors used in cars and construction machinery for the transfer of water, air, oil, fuel and many other working fluids. Used in cooling installations, Turbo systems, tank supply, in venting systems.

Made of silicone or rubber: EPDM, NBR, NBR/PVC, CR, AEM (ethylene – acrylic rubber). Reinforced with braid or cord made of polyester fibre, aramid fibre, Nomex fibre or glass fibre. Working pressure up to over ten bar, working temperature may exceed 300°C – depending on material, hose wall thickness and number of reinforcement layers. Shaped as hoses, straight or angle connectors, reducers or elbows.


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