Brake Hoses and Fittings

Wąż hamulcowy, węże hamulcowe

Rubber brake hoses

Special rubber hoses intended for brake installations of road and rail vehicles.
This group comprises:

  • “AIR BRAKE” hoses according to DIN 74310 standard for pneumatic brake systems, particularly for trailers, trucks, tractors;
  • “RAIL BRAKE” hoses according to UIC-830-1-85 standard for pneumatic brake systems of trains and locomotives.

Ptfe brake hoses

Flexible hose assemblies Ø 1/8″ made of PTFE in stainless steel braid in compliance with SAE J1401 standard. Intended for hydraulic brake systems of vehicles, motorcycles in particular. The construction and hose materials ensure constant size under pressure and protect against any age-related loss of physical properties. Hose assemblies are pressure resistant up to 210 bar. An optional version with additional polyurethane layer resistant to abrasion is also available. We offer complete hose assemblies with fittings (pressure tested).

Brake fittings

Special fittings designed for brake installations of road and rail vehicles. Including the fittings for PTFE hoses DN3 for hydraulic brake installations of motorcycles.


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