Ducting Hoses and Ventilation Hoses

  • Węże obciągowe, węże wentylacyjne
  • Wąż do odkurzacza, wąż do odkurzacza centralnego, wąż odciągowy
  • łączniki odciągowe, wentylacyjne. mufy, kolana, redukcje

Ducting and ventilation hoses are very lightweight and flexible. They are designed to extract and convey gases and fumes of different substances, dust, sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, loose bulk materials and granules, also highly abrasive. Available in a wide range of sizes, including diameters bigger than 300 mm. Ducting hoses are extensively used for suction (under vacuum) but also as delivery hoses (under pressure) to blow air or gases.

The ducting hoses are made of thermoplastic material (e.g. polyurethane) or fabric coated with some pastic material (e.g. silicone-coated polyester). The resistance to vacuum is ensured by steel wire helix, steel strip helix or plastic helix. This vacuum resistance depends mainly on helix thickness, whereas abrasion resistance depends on hose wall thickness and the material it is made of.

Ducting and ventilation hoses can be divided into the following groups:

The ducting hoses are connected to a pipeline using clips and clamps, with the use of connectors and reductions (described in connectors for ducting hoses)


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