Ducting hoses resistant to chemicals

  • Ducting hoses resistant to chemicals

Ducting hoses resistant to chemicals – general information

Lightweight, flexible hoses for the extraction of aggressive chemical vapours, solvent vapours and gases. Manufactured from: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and fabrics coated with plastics: Teflon (PTFE), PVC, PE, CSM (Hypalon) and FKM (Viton), reinforced with steel wire helix or wire and steel strip helix (CLIP hoses). Available hose versions: antistatic according to TRBS 2153, hardly inflammable (DIN 4102 B1), food approval (FDA), and on special request, with stainless steel helix.

Chemically resistant ducting hoses are broadly used in the chemical, petrochemical, paint and coatings industries, also in paper and pharmaceutical industries. Used in laboratories as extraction hoses for fume cupboards.

vIn order to select the right hose in terms of chemical resistance, it is necessary to collect the following data: application (industrial system in which the hose will operate), type of medium (chemical composition of vapours, concentration), working temperature, working pressure (vacuum). A safety data sheet (SDS) for the chemical is necessary. It is important to consider the problem of the formation of electrostatic charges, particularly for identified potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

The guidance for proper selection is given in the technical information section, in “Selection of hoses and fittings in terms of chemical resistance” and in chemical resistance charts.

The choice of a hose for aggressive chemical vapours must always be confirmed with Tubes International!



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