Special ducting hoses

  • Extraction hoses for exhaust gases and welding fumes

Special ducting hoses – general information

Other ducting and ventilation hoses, hoses for specific applications, hoses of various construction and materials:

  • extraction hoses for vehicle and generator exhausts;
  • welding fume extraction hoses made of self-extinguishing PVC;
  • PVC extraction hoses;
  • hoses for blowing hot and cold air from heaters;
  • suction hoses for industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • hoses for road sweepers;
  • hoses for vacuum lifting of loads.


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air blowing hose

Air blowing hoses

Exhaust extraction hose

Exhaust extraction hoses

Welding fumes extraction hose

Welding fumes extraction hoses

ventilation sleeve

Ventilation hoses

tube for industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaner hoses

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