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Floating hoses and equipment – general information

Floating hoses are used on different types of body of water (sea, lake and smaller pools of water). Their most common applications are as follows: loading and unloading of petroleum in ports, transfer of crude oil from an oil rig to a ship, transfer of potable water to a ship, refuelling of vessels, transfer of dredge spoil (sand and gravel) from dredgers, etc.

The hose remains afloat, clearly visible so as to protect it against damage by the ship’s propeller and allow the vessel to be steered.

The buoyancy of these hoses is provided by floaters fastened on a standard hose or in the case of special double carcass hoses, their special construction, where the base hose is covered with layers of nonabsorbable and unsinkable foam which make outer, floating hose. The construction of the hose is meant to resists even the most heavy duty operating conditions, extreme weather conditions, seawater impact, UV radiation. It must overcome great mechanical loads that occur at the connection with the vessel or those caused by heavy see, in which the waves run high.
The floating hoses can be equipped with floats of various types, hookie hooks, other elements to improve the visibility of hoses, etc.

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The floating hoses are always designed and built according to specific requirements outlined by the customer. To select your floating hose, please contact Tubes International.


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