General purpose fuel and oil hoses

  • General purpose fuel and oil hoses

General purpose fuel and oil hoses – general information

General purpose hoses for fuel and oil intended for fuel and oil installations of various vehicles and technical equipment, low pressure hydraulic systems, other industrial applications. .

The inner layer is made of  PVC, PVC/NBR, NBR, Viton or other rubber compounds. They are reinforced with textile cord or braid, outer steel wire braid and additionally with steel wire helix  in the case of suction-delivery hoses.

Except for general purpose hoses, this range also includes: hoses for hot oiled air, hoses for  motor boat or yacht fuel systems according to the requirements of ISO 7840; hoses for biodiesel – Rapeseed Methyl Ester (RME).


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Fuel hoses

Fuel hoses in steel or stainless steel braid

petrol hoses in textile braid

Fuel hoses in textile braid

Biodiesel hoses

Hoses for biodiesel

gasoline hose

Hoses for petrol

oil hose

Hoses for grease

hose to ON

Hoses for oils

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