High Pressure Gas Hoses

  • Wąż do gazów technicznych, węże do gazów
  • Przewód teflonowy do tlenu lotniczego (95,5%)

Hoses for high pressure gases operating at pressure ranging up to several hundred bar. For filling of gas cylinders and tanks, in industrial, medical and laboratory installations. Gas examples: nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, acetylene, carbon dioxide and many other including gas mixtures.

There are two types of hoses designed specially for high pressure gases in this group:

  • made of PTFE smoothbore hose in stainless steel braid;
  • made of corrugated steel hoses in stainless steel braid.
    Working pressure up to several hundred bar. Safety factor should be 1:4 minimum.

The hose for high pressure gases should be chosen with special care and attention to the following factors:

  • working pressure and temperature;
  • physiochemical properties of gases, flammability and explosive limits;
  • gas contaminants, including solid and liquid particles;
  • hazards resulting from toxic gas impact;
  • problem of gas permeating through the hose wall and permeation-related hazards (hose wall may require pinpricking);
  • electric properties of hose material, problem of static electricity, static charges build-up, preventing hazards connected with static electricity;
  • flow rate and pressure pulsation – the flow rate should not be high, particularly in the case of internally corrugated hoses;
  • safe use of hose assemblies and any dangers that result from dynamic character of gas expansion;
  • compliance with the requirements of regulations and standards.
To select a high pressure gas hose appropriate for your application, please contact Tubes International.

The high pressure gas hoses are often fitted with special types of fittings, intended strictly for the particular gas, whereas complete hose assemblies are secured against hose bursting e.g. with a safety cable.

High pressure thermoplastic hoses and ultra high pressure SPIR STAR hoses can be also used for high pressure gas applications.


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