General Purpose Hoses

General Purpose Hoses

General purpose hoses are used in a wide variety of applications: for water, air, oil and fuel or slightly aggressive chemicals. This range comprises hoses made of PCV (polyvinyl chloride), rubber hoses and hoses made of many other materials. Some hoses, those compliant with hygiene requirements, can be also used to transfer foodstuffs. The hoses, however, shall always be used according to the recommendations given in the catalogue.

They are made of rubber, PVC or polyurethane, with appropriate cord or textile braid reinforcement, and plastic or steel wire helix. Working pressure up to several tens of bar. It is absolutely vital to take into account pressure decrease at higher temperatures while selecting PVC hose.

Carefully selected, worm-drive clamps or bolt clamps should be used to assemble fittings to general purpose hoses. Still, they can also be crimped with ferrules. For more information on couplings, fittings and clamps see INDUSTRIAL FITTINGS.

There are many other types of hoses, also with an extensive range of applications described in the remaining groups of INDUSTRIAL HOSES section.


General purpose no-crimp hoses (PUSH-ON) made of rubber or plastic material have a unique braid design. Special PUSH-ON fittings are inserted into the hose, without any clips or clamps. As the pressure in the system rises, the hose doesn’t slide off the fitting but grips it even better and locks on hose barbs. PUSH-ON hoses and fittings are very popular as they facilitate mounting of industrial pneumatic, water and oil installations. Their wide range of application covers also automotive lines.




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