Heated hoses are designed for applications where the medium passing through the hose must be heated, melted but first of all, maintained at constant, elevated temperature. It usually concerns: oil, grease, wax, resins, hot melt adhesives, paints, granulates, food products. There are two groups of heated hoses – electrically heated hoses and hoses heated with a heating agent (heating oil, steam.) The heated hoses are made using PTFE, steel and sometimes rubber hose as a base hose.

Electrically Heated Hoses

  • wąż podgrzewany elektrycznie
  • Wąż grzewczy do hot
  • Wąż grzewczy teflonowy, węże grzewcze do hot melt
  • Węże podgrzewane analityczne – do analizy spalin (AN)

Hoses heated with a heating agent