Stripwound steel hoses

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Stripwound steel hoses – general information

Stripwound hoses („Peschel hoses”) are formed from profiled, metal strips which are spirally wound to overlap each other. Usually, the strips are in zinc-plated carbon steel or stainless steel. The profile of the strips allows the edges to interlock and ensures excellent flexibility of the hose. Various types of sealing can also be used. The hoses are generally designed for conveying vapours and bulk materials, for very low pressure, for vacuum or as protective covers.

There are two types of stripwound steel hoses: GRIPLOCK and INTERLOCK. Depending on the diameter, GRIPLOCK hose can be constructed with or without bend retaining properties (stayput hose). INTERLOCK hose does not retain its shape once bent and it has copper, rubber or cotton sealing cord to increase tightness.

Flexible stripwound steel hoses

Hoses for the extraction and discharge of dust, gases and exhaust fumes:

Stripwound hoses are often used as extraction hoses for various types of smoke, gases, dust and exhaust fumes. They can be used at much higher temperatures than plastic ducting hoses and have higher mechanical resistance. Usually mounted with special clamps and clips. Sold by the metre, cut to length.

Material handling hoses – for bulk, loose materials:

Stripwound hoses are mounted with clamps or supplied as complete hose assemblies with various types of welded fittings e.g. male thread, female thread or couplings: CAMLOCK, GUILLEMIN, STORZ, flanges. Ideal for various types of granulates, highly abrasive or highly aggressive bulk materials, cement, grain, etc. conveyed at very low pressure.

Hose covers:

Stripwound hoses are perfectly suitable for shielding delicate hoses in harsh operating conditions.

They are used for:

  • protection of a plastic hose against abrasion,
  • protection against kinking,
  • protection of an outer braid,
  • protection against splinters of light metals, e.g. aluminium,
  • protection of hose or cable bundles (e.g. hydraulic, electric).


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