PTFE Hoses and Fittings for PTFE Hoses

  • Węże teflonowe, węże PTFE
  • Wąż teflonowy bez oplotu

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commercially called teflon, is a fluoropolymer of unique properties which is widely used in various products and branches of industry.

Basic properties of PTFE as hose material:

  • excellent chemical resistance to almost all chemicals;
  • wide working temperature range (from -70°C to +260°C as a standard);
  • excellent resistance to ageing and weather conditions;
  • self-cleaning properties – non-stick surface.

Hoses are manufactured not only from PTFE but also from other similar fluoropolymers, such as FEP, PFA, MFA, ETFE, ECTFE. They feature better mechanical resistance and different processing properties.

Nowadays, hoses made of PTFE and similar fluoropolymers are used in all sectors of the industry e.g. for steam, hot oil, fuel, paint, adhesives, high pressure gas transfer. In the chemical industry, they are used for loading and unloading of acids, bases, organic solvents and very aggressive chemicals. PTFE hose assemblies ensure highly hygienic transfer and perfectly suit food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.

For more hoses made of PTFE and other fluoropolymers check the following groups: chemical hoses, high pressure gases, food hoses, ducting hoses, composite hoses, brake hoses.

Fittings intended for PTFE hoses are specially adjusted to be assembled in PTFE hoses. Sometimes hydraulic fittings or fittings for industrial hoses can be also assembled.

When some substances are conveyed in PTFE hose, electrostatic charges may build up in the hose wall. In order to avoid the problem of static electricity, an antistatic version of PTFE with lower electrical resistance is recommended.

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