Steam Hoses and Steam Fittings

  • Końcówki do pary wodnej
  • Wąż do pary z końcówkami, Przewód do pary wodnej
  • Wąż do pary wodnej, przewód do pary wodnej
  • Wąż do pary z końcówka skręcaną
Beware! Steam (also hot water) is very dangerous! Steam under pressure can cause serious burns, injuries or even death of a hose operator!


  • correctly match a hose and fittings with a specific application;
  • follow installation, maintenance, storage and control recommendations as well as health and safety guidance!

Use the following hoses to transfer steam:

In general, rubber steam hoses are used to make longer hose assemblies and they are always mounted with steam safety clamps.  Steel and PTFE are most suitable to make shorter hose assemblies, permanently mounted in machines, with welded fittings (steel hoses) or crimped (PTFE hoses). Recommendations and guidelines concerning selection and operation of rubber steam hoses are available in the attachment “Steam rubber hoses handling manual and safety guidance”.

Always confirm your choice of a hoses or a complete hose assembly for particular application with Tubes International!

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