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Steam fittings – general information

Due to the hazards related to high pressure steam, the correct selection and installation of rubber hose fittings are critical to safe hose operations. Follow these basic principles:

  1. Always use fittings and clamps designed and intended for steam – within their rated operating parameters (pressure and temperature);
  2. Never crimp ferrules to attach the fittings to rubber steam hoses. Use special steam clamps that are bolted together on the hose.
  3. Select the fittings and suitable clamps with great care. Match the clamps to the actual outer diameter of the hose very precisely.
  4. Install the fittings and clamps in accordance with IT40 instruction.
  5. Inspect the fittings, clamps, tightening of the bolts, hose material under the clamp and near the fitting at regular intervals.

Steam fittings and clamps are made of steel or zinc-plated cast iron, stainless steel or brass. The fittings come with a serrated hose tail with a lock (collar). The clamp interlocks over this collar. The clamps are bolted together to allow the bolts to be retightened after a period of service, when the rubber on the hose deforms.

Tubes International warns against using ferrules to crimp fittings permanently to rubber steam hoses. This type of mounting does not allow the clamp to be retightened over the lifespan of the hose, and as the rubber gradually loses its elastic properties, can lead to leakage or even catastrophic rupture of the fitting from the hose.!

Rubber steam hoses can only be crimped with ferrules in certain cases, after a given type of hose and fittings have undergone hours of validation testing with steam, confirming the safety of such a solution and outlining the specific conditions of use. For rubber steam hoses, Tubes International recommends:

  • fittings according to EN 14423 (with bolted safety clamps);
  • BOSS™ system fittings (with bolted interlocking clamps)


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Steam fittings and clamps acc. to EN 14423

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